Yel-Lux 500Gr – Versele-Laga


Everything started with Prudent Versele, a visionary entrepreneur, who started to produce and market cattle feeds on a small scale in 1932.

In 1937, less than five years later, he could only continue to meet demand by building a first cattle feed plant in Deinze, Belgium.

The following years were successful, the factory expanded further and even became one of the most modern and best performing ones of its age.

The passionate employees who worked for Versele-Laga soon managed to convince the Versele family to also develop mixes for pigeon racing.

They were soon followed by products for other sporting animals and pets such as birds, farm animals, horses and dogs.

Since the 70s animals increasingly became part of the family and more and more birds, rodents, dogs and cats were taken into people´s homes.

At Versele-Laga we follow all these market developments very closely with new investments. In this way, we can provide increasingly better answers to the needs and wishes of the owners of pets and performance animals.

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